Jane Carroll, Jon Chaffee, Barb Coulter, Pete Lapré, Dede Mackie, Andrew Pillsbury, Susan Pillsbury, Bev Taylor. Barbara Rector attended as a visitor.

The meeting opened with a Bible study of Mark 1:4-11 at 6:30.

Parishioner Concerns

The meeting began with Barbara Rector’s concerns about two issues: people from outside the parish borrowing church equipment such as tables and coffee pots, and solicitations during coffee hour. The Vestry agreed that these are concerns for the entire parish and that we can raise them at our first quarterly meeting. Establishing a general policy for these and related issues, such as announcements at the end of services, and sales of group merchandise is very difficult. The Vestry thanked Barbara for raising these issues.


The minutes from the December 16th meeting were unanimously approved as amended.

Financial Report

Jon reported that the parish audit is finished. Pete moved to accept the audit and forward it to the Diocese, Andrew seconded the motion. The Vestry unanimously approved the motion. Floor refinishing in the Parish hall and hallway has been completed. However, Jon reported that the cost was $1075, almost twice the anticipated amount, because extra work and chemicals were required to remove the products previously applied to these floors. Jon has agreed that the Parish will pay for tuning and a humidifier for Jean Chambers’ piano in the sanctuary. Tuning will cost $105 and the humidifier will cost $625. As soon as the snow is off the roof, Jon and Andrew will work together to get bids for reroofing the Parish hall. There is $114,000 in pledges for 2015, $5000 less than last year. Jon stressed that there is a small number of dedicated members who are contributing more than their pledges, as well as those making generous non-pledge donations. The Vestry unanimously accepted the Financial Report.

Vestry Membership

Jon thanked Bev and Carl for their service on the Vestry. He has asked Bev Barton and Cindy Dale to join the Vestry and they have accepted.

Annual Meeting

The Vestry reviewed the agenda for the Annual Meeting on January 24th. Bishop Ely will be making his annual visit on January 25 and will attend the Annual Meeting. The Vestry will host coffee hour the 25th.


The meeting ended with prayer at 8:30. The next meeting of the Vestry will be on February 17, at 6:30 PM following the Parish Shrove Tuesday dinner. All parishioners are welcome to attend.

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