Dear Friends,

As you know, we've had several conversations on Sunday afternoons about some difficult events of the past couple of years. These conversations have raised questions. Why do some people want to keep talking about the past? How will we know if we've crossed the line into gossip? Why can't we just turn the corner and move forward? If we talk are we "obsessing over the past?" If we don't talk are we "refusing to deal with the past?" All of these concerns point to one common and compelling question with long lasting implications for this community: How does St. Paul's want to “be” together?

You all want what’s best for St. Paul’s. Many people said at the retreat that they want to be inclusive -- more expressive of your love and respect for each other. So what does our faith tell us about being differing members together in the Body of Christ? What does it really mean to be a "Christian community”? How do we show our love for God and one another?

These strike me as exactly the right questions to be talking about during our transition year. Stew Wood will lead a discussion next Sunday (February 9th), beginning at noon and ending by 1:30. Following a brief coffee hour (including sandwiches), we will form a circle of chairs in the fellowship hall. Please join us!



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